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Photographic material grasping and dragging device for photographic material developing machines, in particular of photographic paper

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #6086271.

Photographic material grasping and dragging device for photographic material developing machine, in particular of photographic paper, shaped as a fork provided with a first and a second portion (26, 27) respectively for the photographic material winding and for the hooking and unhooking with respect to the guide band (leader) of the machine. Device which comprises clamping means (grasping jaws 32) co-operating with the guide band (28) and sprung articulated means (31) adapted to drive the clamping means (32) from a first to a second operative position, in which they are respectively disengaged and engaged with respect to the guide band (28), and vice versa. Device which assures always a feed of photographic material at any operative condition and mechanical stress exerted by such material on the device referred to.

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