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Communications system and method, fleet management system and method, and method of impeding theft of fuel

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #6085805.

A communications system for communications between a vessel and a fluid management system, the communications system comprising a proximity detector supported by the vessel and configured to detect presence of a fuel nozzle in a fluid entry port of the vessel; and an RFID supported by the vessel, coupled to the proximity detector, and configured to communicate with a RFID interrogator to identify the vessel to the RFID interrogator, and to communicate whether the nozzle is in the fluid entry port. A method of impeding theft of fuel, the method comprising establishing a first communication link between a vehicle and a fuel delivery system; establishing a second communication link between the vehicle and the fuel delivery system; communicating using the second communication link, from the vehicle to the fuel management system, that the first communication link is established; delivering fuel from the fuel delivery system to the vehicle in response to the communicating; and suspending the delivering in response to a break in the first communication link.

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