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Integrated device in an emitter switching configuration and with a cellular structure

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6084286.

An integrated device comprises a high-voltage transistor and a low-voltage transistor in an emitter-switching configuration integrated in a chip (400) of semiconductor material comprising a buried P-type region (120) and a corresponding P-type contact region (405) which delimit a portion of semiconductor material within which the low-voltage transistor is formed. The contact region (405) has a network structure such as to divide this portion of semiconductor material into a plurality of cells (410) within each of which there is an elemental P-type base region (425) and an elemental N-type emitter region (430) of the low-voltage transistor. The elemental regions (425) and (430) of the various cells (410) are electrically connected to one another by means of surface metal contacts.

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