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Method and apparatus for the guided bypass of coronary occlusions

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #6081738.

Described herein is a catheter method and apparatus for the guided intraluminal bypass of a coronary occlusion. A method is described employing an intraluminally operable catheter shaft including an optionally steerable working element, combined with an extraluminally operable locator including an imaging device, to selectively direct the working element to create a fluid path from the artery proximal to the occlusion into the vein and further from the vein back into the artery distal to the occlusion, to perfuse myocardium distal to the occlusion. Methods are described for creating a fluid path from the artery proximal to the occlusion into an adjacent vein and thereafter either stent grafting the fluid path to the vein, directing arterial blood distally within the vein, or stenting the fluid path and occluding the vein proximal thereto, in either case arterializing the venous system distal to the stent or stent graft. A catheter shaft is described for creating and perfusing the fluid path. Conical, guide wire and tissue-penetrating working elements are described. A scanning acoustic transducer and flexible imaging tube, and suction devices for anchoring are described for the locator. A signal-emitting working element and signal-detecting locator cooperating therewith are described.

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