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Superconducting memory cell with directly-coupled readout

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #6078517.

A superconducting cell (10) is provided which has a storage loop (12), a read-out loop (14), and a direct coupling element between the storage loop (12) and read-out loop (14). The direct coupling element is preferably an inductor (30) common to the storage loop (12) and read-out loop (14). The superconducting cell (10) is preferably a vortex-transitional superconducting memory cell. In the superconducting cell (10) a first address line (18) is directly connected to the storage loop (12) and a second address line (16) is electromagnetically coupled to the storage loop (12). The storage loop (12) has a first switchable storage element (20) to switch the superconducting cell (10) into the storing state, when currents on the first and second address lines (18), (16) have the same polarity, and into the reading state, when currents on the first and second address lines (18), (16) have different polarity. The storage loop (12) also has a second switchable storage element (22) for stored binary information to be output on the first address line (18). The plurality of the superconducting cells (10) with direct coupling may be arranged in columns and rows to form a memory array or a crossbar switch.

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