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Rapidly assembled walls and columns

Image Number 14 for United States Patent #6076323.

Disclosed herein are rapidly assembled walls and columns, wherein the walls and columns are made of wasted wooden material, wood, marble, lime stone, tile, compressed stone powder FRP, glass, calcium silicate plate, while the inner components are made of metals as steel, stainless steel, and aluminum alloy, and reinforced plastics, carbon fiber and fire-proof plastics.The method of assembling rapidly assembled walls and columns comprises A, B, C, D and E five assembly modes, these modes are commonly characterized by applying an idea of exquisite, simple and progressive through making use of wooden block principle. Every person who is an amateur in construction work can construct his own house in DIY way according to the steps illustrated and using materials provided in the present invention. The products made of the present invention may be used as inner and outer walls, columns, interior decoration, landscaping articles, sound isolation member, security fence and ceiling.Moreover, the re-use of wasted materials makes a contribution to environmental protection and beautification, the re-use of wasted materials also serves to reduce the cost of materials and construction.

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