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Traceback device of a trellis decoder

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #6075822.

A traceback device for grand Alliance 8 Vestigial Side Band using Viterbi decoding algorithm. The traceback device includes a control unit, traceback device and delaying unit, wherein the control unit generates an activating signal.sub.-- 1 to read survivor path stored value one time per four symbol data inputs and a reading address signal, while also generating an activating signal.sub.-- 2 to delay read survivor path stored value. The traceback device reads stored survivor path information according to the activating signal.sub.-- 1 and the address signal from the control unit and performs traceback based on the read survivor path information. The data-delaying unit sequentially delays decoded data from the traceback device up to the predetermined bit according to the activating signal.sub.-- 2 from the control unit to output one byte decoded data per one time traceback.

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