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Magnetoresistance effect element and magnetoresistance device

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #6074743.

A magnetoresistance effect element according to the present invention comprises magnetic multilayer film having a non-magnetic metal layer, a ferromagnetic layer formed on one surface of the non-magnetic metal layer, a soft magnetic layer formed on the other surface of the non-magnetic metal layer, and a pinning layer which is formed on the ferromagnetic layer to pin a direction of magnetization of the ferromagnetic layer, wherein the ferromagnetic layer and the pinning layer are coupled to each other with epitaxial growth.Accordingly, the magnetoresistance device using the magnetoresistance effect element as described above exhibits an extremely large MR ratio and a linear rise-up characteristic of MR change in an extremely small range of applied magnetic field of about -10 to 10 Oe, and has high sensitivity to magnetic field, a large MR slope under a high-frequency magnetic field and an excellent heat resistance.

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