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Directional tail transfer threading apparatus

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #6073825.

A directional tail transfer apparatus includes a tray that defines a longitudinal path line extending along the tray overwhich a paper tail to be threaded travels. The longitudinal path line of the tray is positioned adjacent a first section in a papermaking machine where the paper tail exits. The longitudinal path line is aligned with the initial path of movement of the paper tail. The tray has with one or more creases, which extend across the tray width and bisect the longitudinal path line to effect a natural change in direction of the longitudinal path line through the tray. At least one of the creases bisects the longitudinal path line at predetermined angles other than 90 degrees to provide a lateral displacement in the portion of the tray that follows this crease. This one crease allows the paper tail to fold along its width on an angle that is not perpendicular to the natural downstream path of travel of paper tail. As a result the paper tail changes direction to follow the tray along the longitudinal path line. The fold angle of the creases and lengths of the tray portions pre-selected to accurately deliver the paper tail to a threading nip. The tray further includes an air or gaseous flow source for directing an air-cushioning stream over the tray to pull or draw the paper tail over and along the tray surfaces. The tray is operable at all angles of installation, including an inverted position.

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