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Computer system for merchant communication to customers

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #6073112.

A computer system provides automated merchant-to-customer communication. Each merchant customer is grouped into an initial grouping or entry segment, based on merchant definition of allocation filters. Merchant-defined triggers subsequently resegment customer groupings based on predefined criteria which includes any measurable behavioral patterns as provided by the merchant and stored in a data base. Resegmenting is continually or dynamically provided based on behavior (e.g., shopping activity) of customers. Predefined communication scheduling and/or merchant-defined events initiate execution of a working communication designed by the merchant. The triggers and events are merchant-specified sets of criteria based on demographics, psychographics, and customer shopping behavior. Further filtering of a group of target customers to a final recipient group based on merchant specified criteria is provided by program filters. The present invention combination of allocators, triggers, filters, events and communication programs enable merchant communication of a desired message, to an appropriate recipient group, at a desired time, to be automated through computer systems.

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