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Selection game

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #6068262.

A game for play by one or more players. The illustrated game includes a selection surface for each player. Each surface faces a player area where the associated player would position herself to observe the surface. A liquid discharge mechanism is selectively operable to direct a liquid discharge toward the player areas. The selection surface has a plurality of sites or locations. At the start of each game, a group or some but not all of the sites on a selection surface are predetermined, but the player associated with that surface does not know which sites have been predetermined. The players may take turns selecting sites on their surfaces with the objective of selecting the predetermined sites. As one player makes selections, the discharge mechanism is directed toward the other player's play area, and when a predetermined selection is successfully selected, the opposing player may receive a liquid discharge or spray. Audio and/or visual "effects" may also accompany the selections and distinguish between hits and misses. In one illustrated form, each player also has a target surface with sites associated with the opponent's selection sites. At the start of each game each player may set up targets on her target surface, which serves to establish the predetermined sites at the opponent's selection surface. Thus, selection becomes attacking your opponent's targets. One illustrated selection probe uses simple switches to determine "hits" and may actuate a liquid discharge and/or another effect. A single player version may use only a single selection surface, with sites predetermined by a microprocessor, and the player being sprayed when she incorrectly makes a selection.

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