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Device for transporting and temporarily storing a web-like recording medium in an electrographic printer or copier

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6068172.

In a device for transporting and temporarily storing a web-like recording medium in an electrographic printing or copying device, the recording medium is fed with a roller arrangement to a temporary storage unit by use of friction. A loop forming in the temporary storage unit is adjusted by a pendulum. When the pendulum is nearing a vertical position, tension on the recording medium is decreased to such an extent that the roller arrangement feeding the recording medium no longer has frictional driving engagement with the recording medium so that feed of the recording medium substantially ceases. When the pendulum is moved away from the vertical position towards a horizontal position as a result of the loop in the temporary storage unit being decreased, tension stress in the recording medium increases and frictional engagement at the roller arrangement increases so that the recording medium is then fed by the roller arrangement.

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