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Waveform equalizer

Image Number 9 for United States Patent #6061395.

A waveform equalizer prevents the delay of coefficient convergence due to the characteristics of a reproduced signal or the coefficient divergence due to an increase in determined errors. The waveform equalizer constituted by a transversal filter suppresses inter-symbol interferences of a transmitted digital information signal by multiplying the digital information signal and delayed signals thereof by tab coefficients and adding the multiplication results. The waveform equalizer comprises a virtual determination circuit for virtually determining the most plausible digital information from the output of the transversal filter, an error calculation circuit for providing an amplitude error based on the virtual determination result, a retaining and selecting circuit for retaining and selecting the digital information signal and the delayed output thereof, and an updating circuit for multiplying the output from the error calculation circuit by the outputs from the retaining and selecting circuit and to thereby update tab coefficients, wherein the virtual determination circuit virtually determines the value of a most plausible digital information signal by detecting a peak and utilizing the correlationship between signal components of the digital information signal.

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