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Non-linear junction detector

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #6057765.

A non-linear junction detector designed for counter surveillance measures achieves superior performance by using a single circularly polarized antenna to transmit a signal and to receive harmonics of the transmitted signal that are re-radiated by a non-linear junction such as would be found in a eavesdropping device containing a semiconductor. The antenna is mounted on a telescoping antenna extension assembly. A single electrically conductive cable is contained inside the antenna and connects the antenna to the transceiver case which houses the non-linear junction detector electronics. A cable winder is built into the antenna and is employed to provide automatic dispensing and retraction of the cable when the antenna extension assembly is extended or retracted. A display is built into the antenna head assembly to provide signal strength indications and operational information concerning the functioning of the non-linear junction detector to the user of the device. The control signals and power for the display are multiplexed onto the single electrically conductive cable.

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