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Multiple print head packaging for ink jet printer

Image Number 16 for United States Patent #6053598.

An improvement in an ink jet digital printing device is disclosed which permits the printing device to print an image on a moving image receiving medium which is laterally larger than the length of the ink jet nozzle array on the nozzle plate of a standard ink jet print head, and to do so during only one pass of the image receiving medium relative to the print head. This is accomplished by providing the improved print head with a plurality of nozzle plates disposed on a face of the print head, each nozzle plate having an identical array of apertures defining nozzles for ejecting ink on the ink receiving medium, and arranging the nozzle plates in such a manner that the arrays of apertures for each nozzle plate form a continuous printing line across the face of the print head in the direction of alignment of the arrays of apertures. By appropriately controlling the activation of ink ejection devices associated with all of the apertures, an image can be printed on the image receiving medium having a lateral dimension equal to the continuous printing length of all of the arrays of apertures on the plurality of nozzle plates.

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