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Cartridge for ink jet printer and ink jet printer

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6050672.

A cartridge for an ink jet printer capable of directly or indirectly reducing the capacity of a wasted ink recovery unit without causing any restraint to a printing function, an ink jet printer adapted to accommodate this cartridge, and an ink jet printer capable of reducing a printing time without causing any restraint to the printing function are provided. In the cartridge for an ink jet printer, containing a printing article and removably mounted in an ink jet printer, a wasted ink recovery unit for storing wasted ink produced in the ink jet printer is provided in a cartridge case. This allows the capacity of the wasted ink recovery unit to be determined on the basis of a cartridge exchanging frequency. The ink jet printer adapted to accommodate this cartridge does not require a wasted ink recovery unit, so that its size can be reduced correspondingly.

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