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System for forming a braided hollow container with plugged ends

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #6047756.

In order to reduce the weight and cost of LPG pressure-resistant containers, thermo-plastic resin is used in the continuous formation of a hollow container wherein the outer surface of a hollow continuous liner is continuously braided with multiple yarns. The present invention is a system for forming a braided hollow container comprised of a continuous liner forming section 1 which continuously forms the continuous liner 70 for the inner layer 72 of the hollow container in the axial direction through a hollow joining section 71, a braid forming section 2 which uses a braiding machine BR to braid the outside of the continuous liner to form the continuous braided body 73, cutting section 3 which cuts the continuous braided body in the radial direction in the hollow joint section, and a plug welding section 4 which welds a plug 75 to the openings formed by the cutting section; and the pressure-resistant container formed using said system.

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