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Bicycle with antitheft device

Image Number 16 for United States Patent #6036214.

The present invention provides a bicycle equipped with an antitheft device of the type which suspends the function of the bicycle as by locking the saddle in unridable form and which requires a fewer number of operating steps for parking the bicycle. The bicycle is characterized in that it is provided with a key device for locking the saddle in the parked state, a stand locking device for locking the stand in the erected state, and a connecting rod which is adapted to be pulled up in operative connection with the turning movement of the saddle from the in-service state to the parked state and whose lower end is connected to the stand locking device. When the saddle is turned to the parked state, the connecting rod is pulled and the stand is locked by the stand locking device. When the saddle is turned to the in-service state, the connecting rod is depressed to cancel the locked state.

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