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Shoe with circular pad in the sole to relieve twisting stresses on the ankle

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #6035559.

The invention relates to a sole for footwear having a structure for minimizing injury to the wearer from twisting or turning movements which may occur during sporting activities, and/or for enhancing performance by assisting rotational movement of the foot. A first invention is a shoe sole comprises a turntable within the sole and connected thereto by a resilient web which provides a seal between the periphery of the turntable and sole. The web is resiliently deformable in response to rotation of the turntable in either direction from a rest position to apply resilient bias to restore the turntable towards it rest position. There may be additional biasing means. There are ten further disclosures of the turntable involving: using glue to fix the turntable and to provide the seal and resilient bias; a separate turntable having a wiper seal with the sole and additional biasing means; means for limiting the extent of the rotational movement; coil and leaf springs and interengaging portions of the sole and turntable to provide the resilient bias; a circular race of ball bearings to support the turntable; multiple turntables; means for fixing cleats or studs to the turntable. A second invention is a sole having annular rows of deformable fins which permit limited rotation of the sole.

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