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Exposed palm golf glove for covering selected fingers of a golfer

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #6035443.

A palmless golf glove which allows for a normal grip stance of the golf club, chaffing protection for at least the second and third fingers, prevention of slippage and full palm tactility. The palmless golf glove includes a body section for covering a selected portion of the back (anterior) of the hand but not any of the palm of the hand, at least second and third finger receptacles connected to a forward end of the body section, and a wrist band for anchoring the palmless golf glove to the hand without slippage. In the preferred embodiment, the palmless golf glove includes finger receptacles for selected fingers and a body section that completely exposes the palm. The wrist band is connectably operated by a VELCRO (trademark of Velcro, USA) and includes a notch which exposes the styloid process of the wrist. By exposing the palm completely, tactility is maximized. By exposing the ball of the wrist articulative movement is maximized.

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