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Location monitoring via implanted radio transmitter

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #6034622.

An open-loop internal monitoring system comprising (a) a plurality of internal radio transmitters, each being implanted in a human for transmitting a plurality of signal pulses, each pulse being encoded with unique identifying information; (b) a plurality of external radio receivers each having a corresponding clock, for receiving each of the plurality of signal pulses transmitted by each of the plurality of internal radio transmitters and for generating from each received signal pulse a plurality of data including at least a time-of-arrival generated in accordance with the synchronized clock of the external radio receiver and the internal radio transmitter identifying information; and (c) a central processor for (1) estimating a location for each internal radio transmitter in accordance with the time-of-arrival, (2) storing, for each human, authorized or unauthorized areas to which the human is assigned, (3) determining an event of whether the estimated location is within the authorized area or the unauthorized area assigned to any one of the humans and stored in the central processor, and (4) notifying a monitor of the central processor upon occurrence of the event.

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