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Motor speed control device

Image Number 12 for United States Patent #6031966.

The motor speed control device of the present invention is provided with an FG sensor and a waveform shaping circuit for obtaining N pulse signals (N.gtoreq.1 where N is an integer) in one rotation of a motor so as to control the rotation speed of the motor in accordance with period information of the FG pulse signal outputted from the waveform shaping circuit. The motor speed control device is further provided with an FG nonuniformity correcting circuit for correcting, by using respective period information of a rising edge-falling edge period and a falling edge-rising edge period, periodic nonuniformity of each period. The motor speed control device controls the motor in response to an actual speed error signal whose nonuniformity such as a duty error and a phase error has been corrected by the FG nonuniformity correcting circuit. The described arrangement permits to provide a motor speed control device having a wide control band and a large servo gain capable of accurately controlling the rotation speed of the motor.

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