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Mechanism for loading a lashing tape of a binding machine

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6030166.

A mechanism for loading a lashing tape of a binding machine is disposed on a tape storing slot which is located in the binding machine and formed of a locating plate and a position confining plate. The locating plate is provided with a drive wheel driven by a drive motor, and a driven wheel located near the drive wheel. The locating plate is pivoted with a main guide rod. The driven wheel is fastened with an auxiliary guide rod. The main guide rod is connected with a control rod for controlling a touch switch regulating the circuit of the drive motor. The auxiliary guide rod is slanted in a direction toward the main guide rod. The main guide rod is pushed by an actuating rod driven by a motor such that the main guide rod swivels upward to join with the auxiliary guide rod, thereby resulting in the formation of a gap via which the lashing tape is guided by the drive wheel and the driven wheel to be loaded.

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