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Information processing system for an architecture model capable of interfacing with humans and capable of being modified

Image Number 13 for United States Patent #6029188.

In an information processing system for architecture model, which comprises a plurality of software modules divided into independent element functions and a work memory area for reading and writing various information as a shared medium, there are provided a work memory area management module 106 for managing history of task phase descriptions delivered to the work memory area as context information, a bid arbiter module 107 for evaluating bids in contract net protocol using the accumulated context information, and a dialog manager module 105 for explaining course of context dependent processing to the user and for providing means to customize the context dependent processing to the user, whereby the software module groups give and take task phase descriptions via the work memory area using the work memory area access procedure, and the bid arbiter module 107 evaluates bids based on the context managed by the work memory area management module 106 so that module groups are operated according to mutual context.

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