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Class I MHC modulation of surface receptor activity

Image Number 9 for United States Patent #6028171.

Methods and compositions are provided for regulating surface membrane receptor responses by modulating interaction between MHC Class I antigen and the surface membrane receptor. Various techniques may be employed for enhancing or reducing the interaction between the MHC Class I antigen and surface membrane receptor (e.g., enhancing surface expression of the MHC Class I antigen or employing agents which affect interaction between MHC Class I antigen and surface receptors). The aggregative characteristics of oligopeptides which act as agents in affecting interaction between MHC Class I antigen and surface receptors may be employed in a screening assay for determining drugs which affect interaction between Class I antigen and surface receptors. Active peptide aggregative characteristics may also be employed in a method of administration of effectors of surface receptor response modulation.

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