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Method for manufacturing capacitor structure of dynamic memory cell

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #6025247.

A method is disclosed to manufacture a capacitor structure having a high capacitance and a flat topography on a semiconductor device. The method includes steps of: (a) forming a first insulating layer over a substrate having a transistor structure; (b) forming a first and a second contact holes on the first insulating layer; (c) forming a first conducting layer over the first insulating layer; (d) forming a bit line structure above the first contact hole; (e) forming an etching stop layer and a second insulating layer over the substrate, and removing a portion of the etching stop layer and the second insulating layer for forming a capacitor area wherein the second contact plug is exposed; (f) forming a second conducting layer over the substrate, and forming a sacrificial layer in the capacitor area for covering a portion of the second conducting layer; (g) forming the capacitor structure in the capacitor area.

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