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Hard-sided wake board and water ski binding

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #6017256.

A binding for a water ski or a wake board (20) for use on a wake board (21). The binding for a water ski or a wake board (20) securely attaches the rider's foot to the wake board (21). The binding for a water ski or a wake board (20) includes a holster (22) made of a semi-rigid material and that extends on opposite sides of the foot of the rider so as to close over the foot. A liner sock (24) extends over the foot of the rider and underneath the holster (22) and upward so as to receive the ankle and heel of the rider. A stretchable strap (26) extends from the bottom of the binding for a water ski or a wake board (20) and includes an annular cuff (24) that is fastenable about the ankle of the rider. The stretchable strap (26) permits a solid connection of the rider's ankle to the wake board (20), but stretches to release the rider's ankle and foot upon a fall. A buckle (66) extends over the holster (22) and includes a stretchable strap (68). The buckle (66) and the stretchable strap (68) are configured so that when the buckle is in an attached configuration, the buckle and the stretchable strap confine the holster (22) against a foot within the binding for a water ski or a wake board and the stretchable strap is capable of stretching so as to release a rider's foot within the binding for a water ski or a wake board when the rider falls.

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