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Electronic ink dimming mirror

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #6014247.

The present invention provides a self-dimming mirror for a vehicle. The mirror includes a layer of microspheres which contain microparticles and a dielectric liquid. The microparticles have an electrical charge and move between a dispersed state and a segregated state in response to the polarity of an electrical charge on an adjacent electrode. In a first embodiment, the microparticles are reflective and their reflectivity of an incidence light is determined by whether the microparticles are in the dispersed state or the segregated state. In a second embodiment, microparticles include a pigment layer and the transmissivity of an incidence light through the microsphere is determined by whether the microparticles are in a dispersed state or a segregated state. Thus, the present invention provides an electronic dimming mechanism for a mirror.

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