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Aerodynamic structure, for a landing flap, an airfoil, an elevator unit or a rudder unit, with a changeable cambering

Image Number 17 for United States Patent #6010098.

An aerodynamic structure (9) is provided for example for a landing flap. The aerodynamic structure comprises an outer skin (11), which is deformable in cross section longitudinal to an air stream direction (12). The outer skin (11) has deformable ribs (1) with changeable cambering for stiffening the stressed skin in cross section longitudinal to the air stream direction. The ribs (1) comprise a closed flexible external girdle (2). The external shape of the external girdle (2) corresponds to the course of the outer skin (11). Furthermore, the ribs (1) comprise a plurality of stiffening struts (3) of constant length, which engage the external girdle (2) at both of their ends.

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