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Firefighting apparatus with improved hose deployment and reloading

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #6006841.

The present invention relates to a fire-fighting apparatus comprising a self-propelled, power-operated vehicle having interior surfaces defining a hose container receiving space, a hose container constructed and arranged to receive a length of hose therein, and a mounting assembly mounting the hose container on the vehicle for supported movement between (a) a retracted, hose containing position wherein the hose container is retracted within the hose container receiving space of the vehicle and (b) an extended, hose loading position wherein the hose container extends outwardly from the hose container receiving space. The hose container has an open top and an open end and is constructed and arranged such that a hose deploying operation can be performed by connecting an end of a hose stored in the container to a fluid supply and then moving the vehicle under power away from the fluid supply so that the hose deploys from the open end of the container and such that a hose reloading operation can thereafter be performed by moving the hose container to the hose loading position thereof and then moving the vehicle under power towards the fluid supply while a firefighter walks alongside the container and accesses the container through the open top thereof to aid in reloading the deployed length of hose into the container through the open end thereof. A power-operated moving system is provided to move the hose container between the extended, hose loading position thereof and the retracted, hose containing position thereof.

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