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Apparatus for manufacturing photographic filmstrips

Image Number 14 for United States Patent #6003420.

In an apparatus for manufacturing filmstrips having a variable length and a variable number of perforations from a long strip of continuous film, a die set device is provided with a plurality of punch holders aligned adjacent to one another in a film transporting direction. At least one of the punch holders are selectively actuated to make a designated number of equally spaced perforations at a time. A film length adjusting device is provided for adjusting the length of the continuous film extending between the die set device and a cutter in accordance with a unit length which is determined for each variable length of the filmstrip, such that the cutter and the punch holder or punch holders are actuated in synchronism with each other while the continuous film stops after each transport by the unit length. A pair of feed rollers are disposed between the cutter and a suction drum for transporting the film toward the cutter. The feed rollers have diameters less than that of the suction drum. A side-printer is arranged to record data on the film at a peripheral position of a larger one of the feed rollers.

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