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Portable commode seat

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6000068.

A portable and removable commode seat, for a first embodiment, comprises a commode seat and a series of extendable and foldable legs secured to the commode seat and extending therefrom. When the legs are extended generally vertically from the commode seat, the commode seat can be placed over a conventional commode and utilized without the person ever coming in contact with the underlying fixed commode. After use, the legs can be folded to extend adjacent the underside of the commode seat for convenient handling or storage. A modification thereof is commode seat having plural J-shaped supports to rest on and be supported by the conventional commode. In each case, a preferred feature is the provision of plural, thin, peelable and removable sheets of paper, or other suitable material, overlying the seating surface to allow the user thereof to expose a fresh and germ free surface when desired.

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