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Method for sterile syringe packaging and handling

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5997811.

The present invention is directed to a method for the packaging and handling of sterile syringes. More specifically, a syringe and a syringe package are sterilized. The sterilized syringe is placed into the sterilized syringe package, which package is sealed to enclose the sterilized syringe. A fluid is introduced into the sterilized syringe. The sterilized syringe with fluid is then delivered into a sterile field by removing the syringe from the syringe package. The syringe package is preferably a peal-open sheath with a fitting member at one end. The fitting member extends partially into and partially out of the syringe package. It has a connector inside the syringe package for connecting to the sterile syringe, which connector is fluidly connected to an exterior connector. Thus, the fitting member provides a fluid connection from outside the syringe package to the enclosed sterile syringe.

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