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Method for mapping seismic reflective data

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #5995448.

The invention at hand is a method for mapping two or three dimensional P-wave stacked seismic reflective data, used to identify geophysical characteristics indicative of hydrocarbon, mineral, groundwater supplies and geological faults into a color space. This invention, by accentuating the subtle variations of the seismic waveforms, extends the effective resolution of data interpretation beyond the range allowed by current methodology.This invention accomplishes this by extracting a suite of measurements form a sequence of fixed time domain operator windows, and then using three measurements to form a multivariate attribute to transform the raw stacked seismic data. The measurements used in the multivariate attribute are selected from a standardized suite, and are amplitude based, autocorrelation function based and waveform shape based, with each combination selected to emphasize certain data characteristics. The nature of seismic data is such that this new method is more efficient and effective than conventional methods of analyzing the waveforms using complex mathematical equations, or methods relying on a single measurement. Each measurement is rigorously defined, mathematically stable and statistically relevant.

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