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Flat knitting machine having a transfer jack transferring mechanism

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5992184.

A flat knitting machine having a transferring mechanism using transfer jacks wherein the transfer jacks each have (i) at a front end thereof a loop engaging portion; (ii) at a rear end thereof a selected engaging projection extending rearwardly from a rear end of the jack groove when the transfer jack is in its retracted position; and (iii) at an upper edge of a jack body thereof an advance-and-retreat controlling butt which extends from an upper surface of the jack groove and is engageable with the transfer jack operating cam to control the transfer jack to move forward and backward; andwherein the carriages each include (i) a cam which driven by an actuator so that it can be selectively engaged with the selected engaging projection of the transfer jack to guide the transfer jack in its retracted position from the engaged position to its pushed-out position and which is arranged in association with the selected engaging projection of the transfer jack; (ii) a raising cam which is engageable with the butt projecting from the upper surface of the transfer jack as guided to the pushed-out position, to push up the transfer jack to its transferring position; and (iii) a lowering cam which can act on the butt of the transfer jack as advanced to its transferring position, to drive the transfer jack to retract to its retracted position.

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