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Wireless I/O apparatus and method of computer-assisted instruction

Image Number 17 for United States Patent #5991693.

A remote computer I/O apparatus comprising of a set of position tracked wireless user manipulated bodies and a host adapter station. Input is derived from the real-time position tracking telemetry received from each user manipulated body over a wireless transmitter housed in each body. Location determination is performed on a relative clustering basis using photonic light pulses, on a relative absolute special positioning basis using ultrasonic triangulation between bodies, or on a relative absolute spatial positioning basis between each body and the host adapter. For output each body may store or receive video and audio generated respectively by the controlled computer or by an sound generating device such as a soundcard running on the same. Stored feedback is emitted from each body upon receipt of playback signals transmitted to any selected bodies causing them to display stored video on a local body display or to emit stored audio segments out a local body speaker. Non-stored feedback is wireless broadcast to selected bodies for output through each body display or speaker. All feedback may be segmented into frames and distributed to targeted select bodies to enable direct feedback response. A model for using the interface in a direct feedback training environment is also provided.

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