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Interactive home terminal employing common consumer-electronics as components in a manner to facilitate the bi-directional communication of data

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #5990882.

A consumer's interactive home terminal equipment includes a television (1). video tape recorder (2) and a telephone apparatus (6) or bidirectional paging device. The video tape recorder serves as both a mass storage and an input channel for new basic information, the television is a display device, and the telephone apparatus, advantageously a digital mobile phone, is a bidirectional communications channel to the outside world. A video cassette (3), which contains in picture format certain input forms, is inserted in the video tape recorder and an input form is displayed (10) on the television screen (4) to the user. The user fills out the necessary input fields (11) and the picture is converted (12) into a telephone short message or data call to be sent forward (13, 14, 15). An acknowledgment or other answer (16) received via telephone is stored (17) on the video cassette in picture format.

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