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Bearing apparatus

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5984526.

A rotor 16 rotatably installed on a casing 10 is in contact with a container hole 11 of the casing 10, and the rotor 16 is equipped with a rotating shaft 17 which rotates around a rotation center O.sub.2 at a position deviated from a reference axis O.sub.0 of a container chamber by a distance E. An eccentric bearing 25 is rotatably attached to the casing 10, and has a rotation center O.sub.1 at a position deviated from both the rotation center O.sub.2 and the reference axis O.sub.0 by a predetermined distance. The eccentric bearing 25 rotates in accordance with rotation of the rotating shaft 17, and the rotor 16 is thereby brought into contact with the sliding contact portion 11a with a predetermined stress. As a result, it is possible to set large tolerances of processing precision of components of a driving device having a rotating member and a casing containing the rotating member.

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