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Construction including a shed for animals

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5983833.

A shed for animals such as cows, having an overhead rail supported from the shed's roof which supports cleaning apparatus that is capable of being moved throughout the shed to remove manure and other debris from the floor. The cleaning apparatus includes a manure suction device, motor driven rotatable brushes and a connection to cleaning or disinfecting fluid. Containers for cleaning or disinfecting fluid and to receive manure are supported on a platform underlying the rail, the rotatable brushes and manure suction device being supported by articulated robotic arms which are controlled by piston and cylinder units to move transversely relative to the overhead rail and platform. Movement of the cleaning apparatus is guided by detectors and operatively associated controls so that the shed can be selectively cleaned. A suction device extends into the shed for removing manure into a container outside the shed as needed. A fodder pick-up device is also provided for moving fodder from a silo for distributing it into feed troughs in the shed. The pick-up device, which includes a gripping member, is also supported by a rail suspended from the shed's roof and can pick up fodder and other material at any place within the shed.

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