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Counterbalance system for pickup hose support

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5983447.

A vacuum trash collection vehicle has a debris container and a source of vacuum, both located on the vehicle. There is a hose connected at one end to the debris container and has the source of vacuum applied thereto. The other end of the hose is open to form a collection nozzle. There is a boom for supporting the nozzle during use as a debris collection device with the boom including a rear support arm pivotally mounted to the vehicle and supporting the hose in a rear area and a forward support arm pivotally mounted to the rear arm and supporting the hose at an area forward of the rear support arm. There is a control element accessible to the vehicle driver for moving the hose and nozzle. There is a spring pivotally connected between the rear and front support arms which urges the front support arm in an upward direction to, at least in part, carry the weight of the hose for assisting the vehicle driver in operating the control element. An adjustment means readily accessible to the driver allows him or her to vary the moment arm by which the spring urges the front arm upward, thereby varying the height at which the front arm supports the hose.

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