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Switching power supply for high frequency heating apparatus

Image Number 16 for United States Patent #5977530.

A switching device is employed in a power supply for driving a magnetron with lower withstand voltage and better controllability. A high frequency heating apparatus comprises a power supply, a leakage transformer connected to the power supply, a first switching device connected in series to a primary coil side of the leakage transformer, a first capacitor, a series circuit of a second capacitor and a second switching device, a driving circuit having an oscillator for driving the first switching device and the second switching device, a rectifier connected to a secondary coil side of the leakage transformer, and a magnetron connected to the rectifier. With this configuration, voltage applied to the first switching device can be clamped, and at the same time, the OFF time can be freely adjustable by the effect of the second capacitor and the second semiconductor switching device.

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