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Running simulation apparatus

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #5976019.

A traveling simulator capable of controlling in real time the movements of model traveling members, irrespective of a traveling speed of a carrier, is disclosed. The model traveling members, modeled after actual traveling objects, are placed moveably on a traveling plate, and the moveable carrier is disposed below the traveling plate. These model traveling members are tracted by the carrier via the attractive force between magnets provided on a lower surface of the traveling members and magnets provided on an upper surface of the carrier. The magnets on the side of the carrier and those, which are opposed to the magnets on the side of the model traveling members consist of magnets rotatable around vertical shafts. These magnets are provided on the sides of the model traveling members and carrier, two each respectively, so that each set of magnets are spaced from each other. Motors for rotating the magnets are provided on the carrier, and a conversion mechanism for converting the rotational movements of the magnets into predetermined actions of predetermined portions of the modeled traveling members are provided on the sides of the modeled traveling members.

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