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Method and apparatus for detecting and displaying diagnostic information in conjunction with intracardiac electrograms and surface electrocardiograms

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #5974341.

A pacemaker generates and transmits real-time intracardiac electrogram signals to an external display device for display thereon. Simultaneously, the pacemaker senses a variety of events occurring either within the heart tissue or within the pacemaker itself and transmits signals representative of those events for display, using appropriate marker icons, along with the intracardiac electrograms. In this manner, a physician viewing the intracardiac electrograms is simultaneously apprised of the various events. In one example, events displayed along with the intracardiac electrograms include the detection of atrial and ventricular events occurring within the heart during a non-absolute refractory period following generation of a stimulation signal. Other examples of events displayed along with the intracardiac electrograms include operations triggered within the pacemaker as a result of the condition of the patient, such as an auto-mode switching event, or operations triggered within the pacemaker as a result of the condition of the pacemaker itself, such as a battery test operation. Still other examples of events include pacemaker programming operations triggered using a remote programming device by a physician. Such events include an electrophysiological artificially-induced arrhythmia operation. In the described example, the external display device also presents surface electrocardiograms along with the intracardiac electrograms and the event marker icons.

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