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Variable orifice gas lift valve assembly for high flow rates with detachable power source and method of using same

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #5971004.

The present invention is a surface controlled gas lift valve designed for high flow rates and used in a subterranean well, comprising: a valve and actuating assembly for sealable insertion in a mandrel. The valve has a variable orifice which alternately permits, prohibits, or throttles fluid flow into the valve, and a detachable and/or remote actuator are disclosed. The valve may be actuated using momentary bursts of hydraulic pressure to the actuating assembly. Variable orifice opening settings are achieved by providing successive bursts of hydraulic pressure to the actuating assembly, which cause a cylindrical cam within the actuating assembly to be indexed between multiple support positions. The orifice valve and the actuator while operatively connected, may be separately installed in or retrieved from the mandrel by either wireline or coiled tubing intervention methods.

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