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Ferromagnetic material and magnetic apparatus employing the ferromagnetic material

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #5968677.

A ferromagnetic material can be formed in a very small size on the order of an atomic size and is capable of being stably magnetized. The ferromagnetic material comprises basic unit structures each consisting of a first atom (11), a second atom (12) of the same kind as the first atom (11), and a third atom (or atomic group) (13) of the same kind as the first atom (11) or of a kind different from that of the first atom (11). In each of the basic unit structures, the atoms are arranged on a surface of a substrate so that a chemical bond (14) is formed between the first atom or and the third atom or molecule, a chemical bond (14) is formed between the second atom and the third atom or molecule, a chemical bond or an electron path (15) not passing the third atom is formed between the first and the second atom.

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