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Portable roadway and method of assembling same

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #5967694.

In accordance with the present invention, a roadway for supporting vehicular traffic and which can be used over a wide variety of terrains comprises a network of interconnected modular components for supporting a road bed over which vehicles can travel and a plurality of prefabricated panels, overlaying the network of interconnected modular components, which form a road bed. The network of interconnected modular components includes a first layer of interconnected, prefabricated concrete cylinders placed over the terrain to be traversed. The concrete cylinders are formed into a number of rows whose longitudinal axes are parallel to the direction of the road. The network further includes a second layer of interconnected, prefabricated concrete cylinders placed over the first layer and joined to the first layer by a number of intermediate support devices. The concrete cylinders in the second layer have their longitudinal axes extending in a direction substantially perpendicular to the direction of the road. After the second layer has been assembled, a number of prefabricated panels are positioned over the second layer. The prefabricated panels are formed into two spaced apart rows which extend in the direction of the road. Each of the prefabricated panels has a substantially planar surface which forms at least a portion of the road bed over which the vehicles can traverse and a vertically extending safety wall. A method for assembling the roadway of the present invention is also disclosed.

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