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Beverage container for hot liquids with separate consuming cooling reservoir

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #5964379.

A beverage container for hot liquids which has a vessel with a completely enclosed, thermally insulated, internal chamber within which is to be placed a quantity of consumable hot liquid. A cap is removably mounted on the vessel which is to completely close the internal chamber and, by removing of the cap, permit an additional quantity of hot liquid to be supplied into the internal chamber. A dispensing passage, usually in the form of a tube, extends from the internal chamber to the cap with normally there being a valve mounted in conjunction with the dispensing passage with this valve being mounted within the cap. Air pressure is to be supplied into the internal chamber which is to cause a small portion of the hot liquid to be conducted through the passage, past the valve, and into a reservoir mounted in conjunction with the cap. The reservoir is open to the ambient permitting consuming of the hot liquid from the reservoir by a human. The pumping of the air into the internal chamber can be accomplished by a bellows assembly mounted in conjunction with the vessel or by a hand operated piston and cylinder arrangement.

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