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Method and apparatus for creating art on an object such as a person's fingernail or toenail

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #5960798.

A hand-operated apparatus for applying an image on a person's fingernail consisting of a base having an upper surface defining a first cutout. A stop is provided to establish a reference point. An image creating plate is received in the first cutout for creating an image composed of an image defining coating material. A digit positioning member having a V-shaped groove receives and positions a person's digit relative to the location of the created image. An orientation surface is defined by the base against which the free end of the person's digit bears to establish, in cooperation with the V-shaped groove, the appropriate orientation relative to the reference point. A transfer member is mounted on the base movable over the upper surface for transferring the created image from the image creating plate to the person's nail. A method for applying an art image on a person's nail in which a reference point is established. A person's digit is positioned in a V-shaped groove with the free end of the digit bearing against an orientation surface, located relative to the reference point. A supporting base provides a first preselected location. An image composed of an image defining coating material is created at a location remote from the first preselected location. The created image is picked up from said remote location by a transfer element and transferred to the person's nail.

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