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Shingle system and fastening strip

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #5956913.

A shingle system comprising a fastening strip and a plurality of shingles. The fastening strip includes a top flange portion and a fastener portion. A gasket is located along a bottom surface of the fastening portion. The plurality of shingles each include top and bottom edges and opposing side edges. The bottom edge includes an underturned flange for engaging the top flange portion of the fastening strip. Overturned or underturned flanges are provided on the side edges to connect adjacent shingles along the sides. In a further embodiment, the shingles comprise first and second shingle configurations where the first shingle configuration includes side edges that are tapered and either overturned or underturned, and where the second shingle configuration includes side edges having an opposite taper to the first shingle configuration as well as an opposite flange. In a further embodiment, the shingle system further comprises a roof cap including tailing and leading edges and opposing side edges. The leading edge of the roof cap includes an underturned flange for engaging the fastening strip.

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