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Talking album for photographic prints

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #5954514.

An album (50) for photographic prints includes a front cover (52); a back cover (54); a binder member (56) attached between the front and back covers; an elongated, partially cylindrical shell member (78) attached to the binder member, the shell member having opposite ends (80, 82) and opposed longitudinal edges (90, 92), the longitudinal edges being attached to the binder member; and at least one album page (94) movably attached to the shell member, the page having opposed portions (96, 98) which extend around the opposite ends, whereby the page can be moved circumferentially around the shell member from a first position near one of the covers to a second position near another of the covers. The album may include a sensing device (30, 32) to detect movement of the at least one page and a produce a signal; and a system (124-160), responsive to the signal, for playing back sound messages or displaying text messages, or both, associated with photographic prints carried by the at least one page.

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